This is the first bit of proper shooting I’ve done with my XT30-II. The camera is really good, and I’m consistently impressed with how nice images look straight out of the camera without any edits. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a camera to daily since it can be quite compact with the lenses available for it.

A small grocer with goods spilling onto the street Two canned coffees on a messy desk

This is now the second time I’ve been overseas or on some-sort-of holiday. The vibes around Tokyo are very much different when traveling with someone else - the city felt much less lonely.

We did more touristy stuff and I genuinely enjoyed my time much more. I still met up with friends and still spent heaps of time in the arcade, but it was nice to have an extra person giving you a push to try new things.

A silhouette of a person in front of an enclosure full of jellyfish A pool full of glowing jellyfish

I definitely did not take as many photos as I would have liked to - I really wanted to focus on shooting only with my XT30. Last time I traveled I had my DL-300 which was pocket-able - whereas this camera (even with a cookie lens) was just slightly too large to fit in my pocket.

Even though I didn’t take as many photos I still am really happy with the pictures I did capture. We had an Instax Mini camera with us as well which took some really pretty polaroids which now live permanently on our fridge. Last year with the DL-300 I shot more since I didn’t want to ‘waste’ film I’d specifically saved for the trip - even though I got heaps of amazing photos from that there were still loads of stinkers that will never see the light of day.

A grey day with bare trees, there is a roller-coaster in the background An overhead view of a shopping park An overhead view of a street A polaroid type camera and two developing images sitting on a bench

We went during the Tokyo Marathon since it lined up with some other friends traveling - It was really nice to meet up and spend time with everyone. Even if it was in a Saizeriya with a baby crying at 90db in the booth next to us.

I think next time I travel it will probably be somewhere other than Tokyo, I still feel like there’s more to do but doing it for a 3rd time in a row would feel like a bit of a cop-out. We’ve had a friend offer us board in New York if we ever end up traveling there so maybe next year we might try to do Christmas in NYC?

A tunnel with two train tracks opening over a river Giant cup noodle A giant animatronic robot inside scaffolding A sunlit wooden stairway

We’ll see.

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