This camera was purchased almost entirely on a whim. It’s the first camera I’ve ever owned, and I’m so glad I did end up purchasing it.

The Fuji DL-300 is a point and shoot film camera, meaning there isn’t much to really tinker with when it comes to taking photos. You just point and shoot. It makes it extremely easy to capture moments and energy on film, since I can whip it out and quickly snap something without worrying too much about what’s going on. This approach to photography with this camera has created some absolutely stunning images.

I’ve run the following film stocks through this camera and really liked the results:

There is nothing I don’t like about this camera that’s a dealbreaker. The only minor thing is that the button to disable flash is a bit fiddly to press, but it’s only made me miss a shot once.

Update 2022/12/20: I had this camera finally die on me, something to do with the electronics inside it. It immediately thinks the roll is done after taking one photo. I’ll try repair this at some point. The last roll that fully ran through this camera was a Black and White roll I took while hanging out with some artists in Wollongong.

Update 2023/01/05: I ended up buying a brand-new DL-300, only after making the purchase on EBay did it occur to me to check the cameras’ battery… Looks like I own two perfectly fine DL-300’s now…

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