A few months ago I purchased myself a FujiFilm XT30 II & a 35mm F2 Lens. I wanted a nice compact camera I could use while traveling & for street photography.

The main reason for picking the XT30 II was the default output. With minimal tinkering or editing the images look great straight out of the camera. It fits pretty well in my backpack too and is extremely convenient to carry around - especially with the smaller 35mm lens I’ve picked out for it.

I’ve got some travel coming up soon, so I’m really looking forward to getting some proper use out of the camera. I’ll be posting more pictures soon. I took this camera to Tokyo and got some great photos.

I’m also still getting used to all the settings in the camera. Right now some of my pictures are coming out a bit dark or even over exposed, but it’s all things I can learn with time.

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