I do a little gaming. This might get split out into individual game pages at some point but for now this single page will do. This page is to keep track of any specific game achievements I think are notable or for any opinions on certain games.

Rhythm Games

Mostly Arcade titles.

Beatmania IIDX

I’ve been playing IIDX for a while now and I keep my Kamaitachi Profile pretty up-to-date with all my plays. I play almost exclusively at arcade.

Dan Course Clears:

BMS (LR2oraja)

I’ve Been playing BMS for about at long as I’ve been playing IIDX however I really only started playing once I could play Normal2 11 and onwards as well as being able to play the sl table. I keep my Bokutachi Profile up-to-date.

Table Course Clears:


I’ve started getting into shoot-em-ups recently. Starting with DoDonPachi Resurrection for PC. I’ll be keeping track of my runs here with the goal (for me) being single credit completions.

Deathsmiles I

The first horizontal scrolling shooter I’ve played that doesn’t suck. Theming is a little wack but the art direction is pretty cool.

I’m playing the Deathsmiles I・II version released on Steam.

Date Version Character Stage Credits Score Level
2023/03/01 MBL 1.1 Casper 1-2 1 1,984,075 3
2023/03/09 MBL 1.1 Casper 2-2 BOSS 1 2,700,902 1
2023/03/17 Normal Rosa 3-1 1 2,947,333 1

DoDonPachi Resurrection

The first Shmup I played after being recommended it by an arcade regular while waiting to queue for IIDX. I will keep track of scores here.

I’m Playing the Steam PC Release

Date Version Ship Type Area Continue Score
2023/03/09 Black Label B H 5 9 547,249,322
2023/03/23 Normal A H 2 0 68,520,352
2023/03/23 Black Label A H 2 0 217,728,359

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