This site is compiled using custom scripts and tools written in Typescript.

Fun hacks

Pandoc and Markdown do not leave much wiggle-room for interesting content like my gallery, interactive tables, and diagrams. These are all handled by using scripts that run on load.

The “Stack”

This website is compiled using a build script written in Typescript. This script uses ESBuild to compile SCSS & TS into web-friendly bundles, and Pandoc for compiling markdown into HTML.

Why Typescript?

Using typescript for both the compiler itself & the web-related scripts allows compile-time checking & general safety which JS lacks out of the box. Simple things like optional chaining make dealing with the DOM less of a headache.


I find SCSS much easier to maintain in larger bundles, splitting things out into mixins, using imports etc. Taking advantage of browserslist & can-i-use at compile time can also take out the stress of ensuring near-100% browser coverage

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