I asked someone for some cool spots in my area that I could hike to and I got sent a solid list of coordinates. With Australia day coming up I’d decided that I’d spend the holiday walking around cool spots in my area snapping photos.

I announced my plans in a group chat with some other Urbex people in it and very quickly people recognised the spot I was describing and asked to tag along. We ended up 5 strong! Was a great way to spend the Holiday.

If you haven’t heard of “Your Taxes at Work” the drain earned the name by being a massive waste of Tax Payer dollars, and not in some conservative “hate everything” kind of waste. I’m talking 12 foot tall tunnels bored under a town and into a cliff side only to reach a tiny 12-inch outflow… These tunnels stretch for almost a kilometer and basically no water runs through it.

Sadly my cameras were loaded with FP4 and P3200… Not exactly the best film stock for this sort of photography. I’ll most definitely be going back with nicer stock or a digital body of some sorts to get nicer flicks.

Luckily one of my friends with me was filming the whole exploration. I’ll have a video online soon. Eventually. Maybe.

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