IIDX Retrospective

I've been playing IIDX for almost 3 years now and have played actively through 4 styles1. Throughout this, I have tracked almost all of my scores through various means. I wanted to wait until I got Kaiden2 before I did anything with this data but with Australia just getting its first Lightning Model3 & Me clearing 9th dan4 the weekend beforehand I thought it'd be nice to see some stats about my Pre Lightning Model play history.

All the styles

My first style was Heroic Verse, looking back now it wasn't the best style all around & the events were kinda mid; But it was my first. I have the AC5 poster framed up in my flat which I managed to pick up off another local player here in Sydney. It was not my most popular though, I definitely started playing more in future styles.

Resident only released on the 19th of October 2022, this data was taken on the 5th of April 2023.
Heroic Verse
Cast Hour

The overall trend leans towards assuming each style that comes out will lead me to play more. However, Resident is the first style where I've been confident enough to play level 11s & 12s6. If I continue grinding at this rate I could expect to potentially mind-block on certain charts and overall play less, or make the transition to playing BMS7 instead. Regardless, it will be interesting to see future data around this.

Plays between dan course clears

I have all my dan course clear dates listed on my website. Using those dates it's possible to extrapolate plays between clear dates. The data shown on this page is song plays not credits. Total money spent is marked further down...

It took a while for me to learn what a Dans were...
Before 1st
Before 2nd
Before 3rd
Before 4th
Before 5th
Before 6th
Before 7th
Before 8th
Before 9th

As expected this number basically grows logarithmically & I expect it to continue to grow like this.

I am surprised how large the jump is to 7th is as well as the jump to 9th. Or More-so surprised by the lack of massive jumps between the other course clears. 7th Dan has "The Safari" which is notoriously tricky, and 9th Dan has the first 12 in it. I played 9th during Resident so the chart was Todestrieb; Which had chord streams I struggled to follow.

Using the power of "eyeballing" (I don't know my math too well); We can extrapolate plays to subsequent dan clears. I'm going to be assuming 10th, Chuuden & Kaiden will all be large jumps like the ones for 7th and 9th. With the Jump between 10th & Chuuden being slightly smaller.

Before 7th
Before 8th
Before 9th
Before 10th
Before Chuuden
Before Kaiden

I assume that 9th to 10th will be a larger jump since it's the first "All 12s" course. 10th to Chuuden and then to Kaiden will still be exponential jumps but not as large as the jump between 9th and 10th.

Regardless I'm very excited to look back and see how wrong I was!

Most played charts

This one is just for fun, there's not much to extrapolate here other than that I'm a scratchlet.

Verflucht SPH
Hella Deep SPA
O/D*20 SPA
Shiva SPA
Red. by Jack Trance SPH
I grinded both "Red." charts for Hard Clears.
Sigmund SPH
Crank It SPA
Red. by Full Metal Jacket SPH
灼熱Beach Side Bunny (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) SPA
This as well as the previous "Beach Side Bunny" charts plays were almost entirely from when I grinded for a hard clear. I did eventually get it on both.
Primitive Vibes SPH
Hella Deep SPH
灼熱Beach Side Bunny SPH
SCREW was the first scratch chart I really got into, I played it heaps over and over again to try and clear it, at the time I could only reliably clear 8's, so it took much longer than expected.
I refused to be a "Safari Refugee" and grinded this chart a bit too much. People really were right when they said: "You'll just get it one day". Because that's exactly what happened.

Money spent

For this section I'm going to make the assumption that a "play" is 3.5 charts. This takes into account Extra Stage as well as the few Premium free credits played in Resident. It's $2 AUD per play.

By Style

Heroic Verse
Cast Hour

By Dan

This data is generated based on plays between clears. Meaning we can extrapolate the most expensive dan clears by seeing how many credits it took between each play to clear it.

Before 2nd
Before 3rd
Before 4th
Before 5th
Before 6th
Before 7th
Before 8th
Before 9th

As expected 7th & 9th dan are the most expensive so far.

Where from here?

I'm going to continue to track my scores as best as I can, there is very much some data missing from here. Especially if I played 1 song more than once during a credit & then didn't export my CSV right after. I stayed pretty on top of this but there's very much some data missing. I've played Black by X-Cross Fade way more than my data says I did.

It'll be extremely interesting to see if my predictions are correct. I'll definitely create another one of these when I get subsequent dan clears.


There's a lot of people I've met either directly through IIDX or through rhythm games in general. Without IIDX I would not have met some of my closest friends. I think its cringe to do this sort of thanks at the end of this post, but I very rarely talk about my friends on my website. So without further ado:

To Purikura Sydney for even getting an IIDX cab & to Chris for convincing them to buy it well before I started to play, as well as for being extremely friendly.

To Isaac & Oswald for asking the random white dude watching them play if they'd like a go. Without their friendly attitude and first few pointers I never would have touched the game.

To Martin for being extremely helpful during my first few months playing, teaching me proper tech & for allowing the Australian IIDX community to play on his cab for free during events like Birthdays & BPL, we all very much appreciate the hospitality.

To Amal for helping me get into BMS & configure it correctly and to Lucas as well for helping me and others out with assorted BMS/IIDX tools & clients.

To the entire remaining Australian IIDX community & the English BMS community. They've all been extremely helpful & friendly over the last almost four years, and I'm extremely thankful to have gotten to know them.

Most importantly, to Zkldi & Aixee, Without their amazing tools, it would have been impossible to track my plays as thoroughly as I did. Especially to Zkldi since 99% of these scores were tracked via Tachi, which is an amazing tool I've watched grow since I started playing.

There are many more people I've met through the arcade in general who I'm glad to call my friend, I'm sure they know that I'm grateful for them without me mentioning them by name here.

  1. A style is a major version of IIDX, we usually get one every year. They each have a unique theme for the UI & characters. They usually also come with lots of new songs.↩︎

  2. Kaiden is the highest level dan course and is considered a "final challenge" in IIDX.↩︎

  3. IIDX Arcade cabinets have two models, the latest is "Lightning Model" which debuted with the Heroic Verse style. It features a higher refresh rate screen and updated switches & turntables. It's overall much nicer to play on.↩︎

  4. A dan course is a set of 4 charts you must play in order with a shared health bar. Some argue they're not the best way to track your skill, but they give you a good idea of how good someone is. Dans go from 1st to 10th, then Chuuden, followed by Kaiden.↩︎

  5. AC is referring to "Arcade. This is a holdover from when Konami released IIDX styles back on the PlayStation 2.↩︎

  6. IIDX charts scale between 1 & 12, with each difficulty (usually) getting exponentially harder than the last.↩︎

  7. BMS is a game similar to IIDX that is entirely community driven. It's sometimes played for practising IIDX, however, a lot of players play only BMS. ↩︎

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