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IIDX is not beginner-friendly. This guide should show the extreme basics that will help get you started. IIDX can be very rewarding as a rhythm game and has an extremely high skill ceiling.

The diagrams on this page are for the Old Cab (no touchscreen), however the buttons you need to press are the same.

First, pick which ever side you find most comfortable!

No one side is better than the other! It comes down to preference.


You can use either an EAmusement Card (DDR & SDVX), Aime Card (MaiMai & Chuni), or Suica Card (Trains) to save your progress in IIDX. If the card has either of the above icons on it, you can tap it to create an account or to sign in.


To start, choose Standard. You will have full access to all songs in the game.

⚠️ You will lose your credit if you fail a song that is Level 5 or higher.


IIDX Navigation is not extremely intuitive when coming from a more modern game.

Start song or Open folder

Pressing any of the bottom keys will select a song or folder.
Once a song is selected it will start straight away.

Exit folders

Pressing any of the top keys will exit the current folder.
When you first begin the game you will be in the "beginner folder".


Turning the turntable will scroll the folder, or song list.

Setting scroll speed

When in a song, while holding down the START button.

Press the top keys to increase speed.

Press the bottom keys to decrease speed.

Advanced scroll speed

It is possible to have a fixed scroll speed between songs. This is tedious for no good reason, and you can play without reading ahead.

If you are unsure how to set this, feel free to ask another player for help.
Once this is set it saves between sessions & songs.

Before selecting a song, open the settings by holding START.

While still holding START; If you cannot see Sudden in the list of options, press VEFX Toggle to exit beginner options.

Press Key 7 to enable sudden

Then, once you have selected a song; hold START.

Turn the turntable to adjust your "Green Number". This is the time in ms it takes for notes to get from the bottom of your lane cover to the hit zone. I recommend 400-500 for beginners regardless of skill in other games. It can always be changed.

Once your green number is set, while still holding START; Press VEFX toggle.

Use the turntable to set your lane cover.

Release START, and if the song hasn't already started, it should begin playing at your set scroll speed.

Further reading has much more in-depth resources around playing IIDX. If you are interested or have any further questions, I recommend viewing their page.

Modes (extended)

If you want a guaranteed 3 songs without worrying about failing, play Step Up. Each credit it will recommend 10-15 songs to you based on your skill level, overtime getting harder and harder. You do not have access to all songs in this mode.

Hand positions has a good write-up on common play styles. As a beginner try focus on assigning one key to each finger & hit the scratch with your pinkie or inner palm. It's ok to take your hands off the keys.

What is the difference between the new & old cabinets?

The new IIDX cabinet is called the "Lightning Model". It features a 120hz main screen as well as a touch screen for managing certain settings

The old cabinets monitor is only 60hz, however, it's not extremely noticeable as a beginner. Especially if you haven't played the Lightning Model recently. If your eyes hurt playing on the old cab, try playing on Lightning Model instead.

Can you play at home?

Kind of... There is an official home version offered by konami, but it costs around $1500 to buy all the songs.

If you want to play at home I recommend setting up BMS by using the actively maintained English Guide. The game is extremely similar to IIDX, with minor differences a beginner would not notice.

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