I get a lot of my music, movies and TV from streaming. I’d much rather own things properly. Bellow is a reminder to me to buy some things + some short sentence reviews - Doing proper reviews for albums especially is somewhere on my ToDo list.

It’s surprisingly hard to find BluRays for some movies once they’re past their launch window - even harder for CD’s, especially niche ones.

The Stuff

The Table

I need to get around to making some sort of wiki template framework thingy - would be cool to have these be cards or something I can edit straight from my Markdown editor.

Title Medium Price Link
Offered Schematic Suggesting Peace by STS9 Album $14.95 BandCamp
Unlimited 2002 by Logic Bomb Album $14.82 BandCamp
Selected Works 94-96 by Wax Doctor Album $22.62 BandCamp
Dune: Part one BluRay
Dune: Part two BluRay
Godzilla: Minus one BluRay Amazon (Japan)

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