A dream inside a dream, but who is the dreamer?

I wouldn’t call myself a lucid dreamer, in fact I’m quite the opposite. My memory of late has been terrible, and I can hardly remember anything I dream about unless prompted. However, dream spaces, or at least mine; are constructed of things that exist within my reality. Perceiving these things can trigger déjà vu back to these spaces I’ve dreamt about in the past.

Schrödinger’s space

These spaces can be split into two categories, subconscious spaces and conscious spaces. The most interesting ones are the spaces created by the subconscious. Spaces that, while present in them dreaming, are recognizable & recurring. But when awake, are instantly forgettable. With your conscious recalling them when primed by something that existed within them; A person, object, or item.

Once perceived it’s no longer a dream space.

Once a subconscious space is perceived enough when awake, I’d consider the space to be different. It’s now a space constructed in the conscious mind; No longer an amalgamation of separate thoughts & memories, but instead its own significant constructed place to be thrown into memory banks to be churned out into something new in a dream.

This space is no longer a sum of its parts, but a part itself. Something that future dream spaces can pick from, creating hybrids of places that seem similar but may not be.

Once remembered, the place no longer exists as you perceived it.

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