Chart-rec is a site that takes advantage of Kamaitachi’s excellent API for tracking IIDX scores. Using users data from Kamaitachi, I’m able to recommend songs to play in IIDX based off your existing clears and scores.

The site is built with React and Deployed with the Serverless Framework. The API, Database & Web UI all run with Serverless in mind and right now I pay $0 for hosting.

This project was built for two reasons.

  1. I wanted to do more personal stuff with Serverless
  2. I hated using existing tools to get level recommendations in IIDX

Through this project I learned how to

  1. Deploy a DynamoDB database from scratch & interact with it
  2. Deploy a Lambda API and interact with it from a React front-end
  3. Use Cognito to handle user Authorization.
  4. Connect to an external service with OAuth2

You can check the project out here.

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