The ▇▇▇▇▇▇ were a race of deities, primarily consisting of a third and fourth generation of immortal beings, worshipped as the principal gods of the DEKA pantheon and so named because of their residency atop Mount DEKA. They gained their supremacy in a ten-year-long WAR in which DEKA led his siblings to victory over the previous generation of ruling gods, the ▇▇▇▇▇. They were a family of gods, the most important consisting of the first generation of ▇▇▇, offspring of the ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇and ▇▇▇.

▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇

Although DEKA was a major deity in the DEKA pantheon, and was the brother of ▇▇▇▇▇ and the other first generation of ▇▇, his realm was far away from DEKA in the UNDERWORLD, and thus he was not usually considered to be one of the ▇▇▇▇. DEKA can be contrasted to ▇▇▇▇ gods including HADES, by mode of sacrifice, the latter receiving sacrifices in a ▇▇▇▇(βόθρος, "▇▇") or ▇▇(μέγαρον, "▇▇▇▇") rather than at an altar.