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I Don’t Care Who Made It.

I’ve spent the last few weeks urbitchless. I decided to stop using the platform at the suggestion of other friends & devs.

I still follow @urbit on twitter as well as a few people from the network I really enjoyed interacting with. Sort of monitoring the network from a distance. I started using Vienna Hypertext1 a bit more. Looking for “something else” that did what urbit did. Vienna is great and I’ll 100% be using it more often.

It’s been 3 weeks since my (now unlisted2) blog post. 3 weeks off network. I feel no different. Not like when I dropped Reddit, or did a mass Filter of Twitter. I sorta missed reading about weird stuff with the guys on urmetica, or having chats with the guys in urstralia. I started to reflect on why I actually stopped using urbit.

I stopped using Urbit because of what other people told me. “It’s a scam”, “It’ll never work”, “The whole network is full of right wing bozos”. The people saying this have never actually used it. Not in any capacity, and as a (now no-longer ex) user; I can say for a fact that none of this is true. I haven’t spent any money on the platform, I’ve been using it for free. I frequently use it and it does work, like any open source community driven project it “works” and is actively being worked on. Like Twitter, and Discord, and Reddit, there are groups of people I disagree with politically. And I’m going to do what I do on the other all the other sites; Ignore them.

I read an article3 by Marc Hochstein titled “Urbit is Web3, Weird and Wonderful and I Don’t Care Who Made It” and it basically reflected some of my thoughts towards the platform. While I hate the idea of a crypto-centric “Web3” the title is true. “I Don’t Care Who Made It”. Yarvin is a wank and I disagree with everything he has to say and I hate having to explain myself every time it comes up.

I’m using urbit because people I want to talk to use it, and it has cool apps I want to use. Not because some monarchist loser who no longer works on it started writing it years ago.

When urbit rolls out the monarchy slavery update, that’s when I’ll bail for good. But for now, I’m going to keep checking it in the afternoon




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