I read Virgil Abloh's’ “Insert Complicated Title Here” on the train ride home today, I respect Virgil and his design philosophy however this book made me question “Why?”. Why do I respect his design and style so much. What does he do that I respect and how can I as a designer myself modify or add to it in my own way? Virgil in this book notes to “Question your mentor” quote “What most people won’t tell you is that the people you look up to didn’t invent themselves. Once you learn a thought process you can actually see yourself in it and add to it”. So what is Virgil’s thought process? How can I project myself into that and improve myself as a designer and artist?

  1. No faces, Story is never implied. Biases arise from perception of people. If people cannot be perceived it allows you to self project and analyse yourself.
  2. Say something, if you have nothing to say why have free speech? I don’t mean that literally but it’s important that every piece of my art & design should say something about the world. Not just the global world maybe my personal world or even the viewers perceived world.

Right now I create because I can, nobody views my site. Only my friends see my art and my friends will probably be the only people to own my prints but that doesn’t matter. My design is an outlet for my frustrations with the world and it’s ideals or even a way to explain and display how I feel at the time.

Being “Woke” in art is a good thing, art & even design can be used to explain complex political issues to people who may not understand or even know what’s happening. Around Christmas last year the Australian government passed a bill that compromises all digital encryption. The bills dumb, The tech community is mad but everyone moved on. The media didn’t pick it up because it was the holiday season and there were better stories to talk about. But I feel like people need to know more about it. I had an idea to create a giant QR code in the southern concourse tunnel at central station, the walls are these grid tiles that make abstract patterns. It would be cool to paint or even apply a sticker to turn it into a QR code that links to a site that explains the bill in detail. Issue is that there’s a massive fine for that sort of stuff. Maybe when I’m a millionaire the government will pay me to do it but instead of an important idea it’ll be a dumb advertising campaign. Whatever the future holds i guess?