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You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of the dead.


Nothing too crazy today, I've just made the all Photos page sort of chronological. It runs off of the images' metadata, I do have the actual photo dates stored somewhere but metadata works great for now. Also, the site is a bit nicer if you're inclined to run with CSS disabled (For some weird reason).

I've also recently started messing with Urbit & my home server again, will post some more stuff about it in the coming days.

Happy new year.


Coming up on the end of the year now! I've realised I've been running this site for a while which is pretty cool. I've stayed consistent with posting and keeping things orderly!

This site has gone through a lot of changes, especially in the last month or so. I've posted a few articles I'm really happy with from photography all the way to programming.

Hopefully 2023 is another year full of adventure!


Simplified my build scripts for this site yet again, are much nicer now to work with! Also allows for a better RSS experience!


All this sites images are now hosted on a separate bucket. I used to store everything inside the git repo for the site which was kinda ass. Glad I got that out of the way!


I spent a while today trying to figure out how to automatically resize images in a lambda on s3 events. I got the lambda triggering, but I can't seem to get putObject working as expected... So, instead I added the "index" page which lists all pages on the site. There is also an RSS feed that updates whenever content related files update or are created. Should be cool.


I spent today banging my head on my desk over an integration with Facebook... Was a complete nightmare mostly due to the documentation, but I solved it, and it was super satisfying.


Today I wrapped up the sites backend rework. Build times are like 10x faster and content is no longer strewn across 3 repos. There's now wiki style content on the site as well where I'll collate my work notes and personal notes into article/wiki style things. Will come in handy one day


Today I reworked the images page to play nicer on devices with less data like phones etc. It should load way faster now. This will also probably be the last post written with my vim/shell setup since I want to rework the site. Running down my checklist and knocking stuff out over the next few days.


Today I added this page as well a twtxt support. It’s all cool things I’ve found while looking at other people blogs. Hopefully, since this is short form, I’ll use this more.