Merchandising, Making "Merch". Yeah It'd be cool but do I really want to be the guy making t-shirts?

I've been thinking for a while now about doing my own prints of things. Not just shirts but jackets, wall prints, stickers... Just printing something. I would probably sell my art at cost price, I don't want to make money of the sale of my art through merchandising. I feel if I started ever making money from this I'd lose all motivation to make anything. This is a side project, I make stuff, Share it and then move on. It'd be great to be able to show it off to other artists, Talk about it with others but do it as a career. I'd really have to think about it.

I've had friends tell me stuff like "I want that on a shirt" which is cool knowing people would buy it but also I feel like by selling some of the art, Especially "People would display this" or "Business as usual" would go against the idea of the art originally.

I used to have the idea that art can have 2 of these 3 items.

Acclaimed, Popular, Affordable.

You cant have all three. Either everyone and their mum is wearing your clothes and major design firms ignore you or you out price the average Joe and now everyone is paying attention.

However I feel like I was wrong.
Because honestly who cares what other people think of your stuff. Yeah I'm gonna sell my shit for $400 but the dumbass who bought it just spent $400 on a shirt I made 5 of in a run that cost me $100 for all of them.

It's Nihilistic, and I wouldn't do it in practice. If it cost me $100 for a batch of 5 you can bet I'm only making 5. Hyping the shit out of it and selling them for $20 each.

Man there's a reason I call these rambles