Machine Girl

On the 22nd of June I went and saw Machine Girl live with some mates, The show was insane and the energy was unmatched by almost any show I’ve ever been to. Honestly was one of my favourite live shows to date.

The Photos

Almost all of these came out good, I’ll be including them in chronological order with only (non-cool) blurry messes removed. None of these images have been edited.

Ultramax (400 ISO)

I had a few shots left in the camera during the opening DJ set.

Porta (800 ISO)

Finally whipped out this film, I was super worried they’d all come out shit since I’d never shot with it before but I’m insanely happy with the outcome.

Thanks / Updates

Shout-outs to the group I was with before and after the show, your company (even if brief) was mad.

Some shitty news though (Saved till the end). At the Machine Girl show, the venue was quite tight and insanely hot, I didn’t think this would be a major issue. Normally this would be fine but due to my previous injury1, post-show I ended up in a hospital bed. Pretty much all my symptoms from the initial Brain injury have returned & I now have vertigo! Luckily nothing came up on the CT scan & I was sent home.

After maybe 2 weeks I was struggling to sleep & was constantly nauseous. I was concerned since the last CT showed nothing was wrong & I had been feeling fine. After a quick trip to my GP, I was admitted to the hospital again with concerns about brain bleeding.

The hospital was understaffed and I was in the waiting room for more than 12 hours while sleep deprived and the world spinning. Eventually, I was told that I shouldn’t get another CT and that I should be monitored while sleeping to make sure I’m fine. I slept in the waiting room while nurses checked on me periodically & were eventually given a script for anti-nausea meds and sent home with a Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo diagnosis. Luckily this condition is not too serious but I’ll be taking anti-nausea medication for a while now.

Honestly, this year has been rough. But without sounding cringe, it’s kinda helped me in its weird way. Hopefully, the remainder of this year will be chill.

  1. See the following blog post from that period (and the cool photo’s I got then)↩︎

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