Getting my feet wet

The drains

After setting up an instagram I was able to link with a local Urbex1 community. Two members of the community tagged along with me to explore a drain I’d heard about from a few artists.

I tried to hit it before but I went the wrong way and ended up in a crawl which I did not feel comfortable doing solo. These are pics from my first attempt and subsequent follow up trip.

I hit the same spot a week later during the day and used black and white film, the lighting down there is amazing so I hope it comes out looking nice. Fingers crossed.

Massive shout-outs to the people in UA & other related communities for helping met get these shots and understanding their communities a better. I’m keen to eventually meet more of you guys.

Getting lost

These photo’s are from my first attempt to gain access to the spot.

I went the wrong way…

Guided tour

These were taken a week later. After explaining my failed last attempt, a few people reached out offering to show me the way. I ended up linking with two artists who just so happened to be hitting it when I was free. They were super friendly and answered heaps of my questions about the area.

I do eventually want to touch these images up & I likely will when I post them to instagram. This site is for all my RAW stuff.


These photo’s were taken at an unknown time.

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