Long form content


I’ve always wanted to write some form of long form content;

Like, I’ve always enjoyed writing essays on topics I’m passionate about. It’s just the getting started bit that I struggle with. So! I procrastinated and updated my sites CSS1 to handle long-form content better.

As you can see above I now support footnotes or “Side Notes”. I was inspired by this site and it’s actually what kinda pushed me to make more long-form stuff

I also now support Table of contents on blog posts. Just in case the post gets thick.


Obviously when writing long-form content like essays it’s important to actually be writing about topics you are passionate about. I’ve definitely got plenty; It’s just actually sitting down and writing that’s the hard part.

The Internet

I have some extreme opinions when it comes to the internet as a whole. I’ve actually got a whole multi-page document full of ideas and opinions. The first paragraph of that document is actually the excerpt on my home page.

Every feed on every platform is now curated. Sites are removing the option to view a feed in chronological order. The move to a curated feed has caused the requirement for people to always be present. If a user isn’t constantly posting new information, useful or not, the algorithm is less likely to show information to people that matters. The swap to a curated feed has made using a chronological feed near impossible. The constant barrage of useless non-important information, just so people can stay relevant, ends up burying what is important.

If you have ever talked with me in person you know how strongly I feel about some of my opinions towards the internet, It’d be nice to finally get them written out coherently.


Before my current job as a Software Developer I used to write album reviews for a music publication2. It was really fun, a few short form ones but also some double spread ones as well. I would really like to get back into the habit of reviewing albums I listen to, my listening frequency has not changed since stopping writing reviews.

Everything else


I actually have to write shit now. This is the hard part. I haven’t written an Essay since High-School. I have no idea how long that takes. I guess we will see.

  1. Its actually SCSS!↩︎

  2. Private Suite Magazine (RIP)↩︎

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